Spring is in the Air


I think I might be burned out on winter. I try to enjoy each season for all that it has to offer, but there really is nothing like those first sunny days after a long, grey winter. The crocuses are blooming, lawnmowers are growling again, and my spirits are high. I’ve been busy buying spring and summer vintage for the shop, and I have so many beautiful pieces, I can’t wait to get them all up for you to see! Here is a sampling of the most recent additions to the shop.

50shorse_hires 90scalico_hires crowdress_hires paisley_hires sketchdress_hiresSo many great mid-century dresses. Bold prints, full skirts, bright colours! Wheee!

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8 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air

    • Why thank you for noticing! Hee hee! :)

      I just love those 50′s circles skirts! Apparently, I love croissants even more. There’s no way that thing is ever going to button up on me. ;)

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