The smell of the blooming lilac outside my daughter’s bedroom window lasts for such a short time, but for those two weeks or so, the whole world seems to change. The air is suddenly heavy with the scent of the blossoms, and it brings with it a sense of beauty and magic that was previously absent. The rich fragrance is such a delight, and yet it lasts for such a brief time. It’s these short-lived spells that I try to capture each day, even if only for a fleeting moment. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a salty sea breeze on a hot day, or a fragment of a tune that stirs the heart. Maybe it’s something like an incredible story, a connection with a stranger, or a warm and comforting drink after a long walk in the rain. It’s the little beautiful things that make each day so rich. These are things that we remember in time. Perhaps the little things aren’t so little at all.

Here are some of the things that made this week special:

26july2013Clockwise from top left:

I love Ólafur Arnalds so much, and found myself playing Variations of Static over and over this week. Beautiful, moving music that makes you stop what you’re doing and just listen.

We have a perfectly good espresso maker at home, but once in awhile, I like to treat myself to a latté at our local Italian deli. You really can’t beat sitting by the window in the warm sun, people watching as you savour a fine café latté made with Illy beans. If I could only learn to get my milk to foam just so!

I’ve had a heck of a time getting my nails back to health after getting gel nails done months ago. Tired of sticking my hands in my pockets all the time, I treated myself this week to Essie All-In-One nail treatment. My nails very noticeably stronger and hardier. I can’t believe I went so long without it!

In a grand effort to make more time for myself, I’ve been going to bed early and reading to my heart’s content. This week I read, When The Snow Fell by Henning Mankell. I had never read one of Mankell’s books for young people, and now that I have read this one, I can’t wait to get my hands on the companion novels to this tale. A beautiful and authentic tale of an adolescent boy in a small northern town in 1950’s Sweden.

I rediscovered one of my favourite fragrances this week, Un Jardin en Méditeranée by Hermès. I’m quite enamoured of figgy scents, especially in the summertime. This fragrance sends me to a magical place where I can imagine that I’m on the Amalfi Coast, and not sitting here listening to the bus go by every 15 minutes. Sigh…

I hope you all have a happy weekend!

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