Sunday Morning


Sunday Morning Cherries and EspressoNothing says Sunday morning quite like a triple espresso and a quiet hour to catch up on my favourite blogs, check out what’s new in my beloved shops, and spend a little time on Pinterest. Here’s what I’m loving right now:

Door Sixteen is a blog I like to check out regularly. I really dig Anna’s aesthetic. Her blog is a personal and charming blend of home and decorating projects, style, food and culture.

ACNE has a new kid’s collection. As soon as I saw the email, I bypassed all other morning routine stuff to check it out immediately. Hello, Mini Bird Print Sweatshirt! We’ve got to get one of those while the little one still thinks it’s cool to be twins with mommy.

A Model Recommends is one of the few beauty blogs I read. For one thing, Ruth is my age, so I don’t get that awful feeling that I get when I’m watching an 18 year old tell me how to apply liquid eyeliner. (Hello, old lady!) That aside, she’s entirely likeable and has loads of useful product info and healthy living tips.

Icebergs is still in beta I think, but you can request an invite and start trying this incredible tool. Described as “Visual Organization for Creative Minds”, it’s a great way to capture inspiring material and resources, and display them in a way that visually-oriented people can make the most of.

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