Sunday Morning


Sunday Morning 18aug2013Wow. If I don’t start getting to bed earlier, I’m going to start having to calling this my Sunday Afternoon post. As much as I’d love for you get the idea that I’m exhausted from gallivanting at all hours, I’m afraid I’ve been worn down by my domestic compulsions. I’m in the throes of my fall cleaning. It’s like spring cleaning, but… well, you know. I’ve become a machine of minimalism, picking up every single thing in each room and repeating: Is it beautiful? Is it at all useful? Does it make my life magical and profoundly interesting? No! I need nothing! Now I have boxes upon boxes of stuff to donate, and it’s ever so satisfying. Once I get rid of everybody’s stuff, I imagine that the actual cleaning part will be a breeze. But first, let’s eat brekkie (lunch?) and cruise the internet together!

Park & CubeHow adorable is Shini Park? She’s gorgeous, funny, and writes the fantastic blog, Park and Cube. She covers all the things that I love to read about, fashion, food, travel, and loads more. I’m especially enamoured of Park’s posts on London. You could toss out your travel books, and use Park and Cube as your guide to London. Where to eat, where to shop, it’s all here. Not to be bossy, but you should follow her on Instagram too, her photos are really quite wonderful, and always captioned with a rare wit.

3.1 Phillip Lim So I’m mulling over my shopping list for fall, and I decide to mosey on over to 3.1 Phillip Lim. As one does. There’s a gorgeously styled film to watch, which has me even more in love with Lim’s FW13 collection. The shoes! The shooooes!

Paris Review BlogOver to the Paris Review blog. Loads of brilliant articles and essays. The daily blog of this literary journal always has something inspiring to read. I’m especially fond of the poetry, but there’s also plenty of photography and other art to savour, when you feel like reading something with pictures.

Pinterest Fox and RookThe more I think about doing housework, the longer I want to sit here and drink coffee and pin stuff. I mean, I could really do this all day. It’s grey and cloudy outside, there’s lots to do inside, and looking for pretty things on Pinterest is sooo much more fun. Sigh… ok, ok, I’m going.

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