Meet Guest Blogger Andrea Paschal


With September right around the corner, I thought I would call upon some of my lovely friends to share their fall inspiration with us. I’m rather fortunate to have some of the most brilliant and creative people in my life, and I’m really excited to have them write for Fox and Rook. Alors, without further ado… meet my first guest blogger, Andrea! — Hollis

Andrea Paschal Guest BloggerI love music and would say my life revolves around it. During the day, I manage the Coalition of Independent Music Stores and Think Indie Distribution. We handle music marketing for some of the best indie record stores across the country, and we are also a distribution company. Our focus is special or limited edition releases, created especially for indie stores. We are also one of the co-founders of Record Store Day.

I am listening to music most of the time. I think for that reason it is one of the biggest memory triggers for me, the other of course being scent. I host a weekly radio show, Spellbound (, so I am always thinking about songs that would work for that. I always loved making comps for my friends and put a lot of work into the sequence and all… so with the show, I get to do that every week! As much as I love listening to music, I enjoy creating music as well. I sing and play keyboard/synths primarily.

Art, fashion and perfume are my other obsessions. All three elements inspire me and have shaped me into the person I am today. If my career wasn’t music based it would probably be in fashion; however, I would also love to work with perfume. I am quite obsessed with the science of it… either that or I would be an Egyptologist!

Favorite Fashion Moment: Whenever the 70’s does the 20’s.

Fashion Icons: Women: Kate Bush, Patti Smith, Angelica Huston, Emmanuelle Khanh Men: Nick Cave, Keith Richards, Michael Hutchence (circa KICK and earlier)

My Fashion Philosophy: A great jacket, shoes and accessories can make any outfit. I always try to choose pieces that will be well loved and well worn… the sort of things that get even better looking with age. I love black and white everything and would probably be happiest living inside an Aubrey Beardsley drawing.

Andrea Paschal Fall PicksClockwise from top left.

My Fall Essentials:

1. Diptyque Opopanax Candle – This and their Tubereuse are my favorite candle scents ever! I also love Cire Trudon’s Ernesto. In the fall and winter I adore the smell of Opopanax mixed with a warm fire

2. Rodarte Shirt – Rodarte is one of my favorite designers. I look forward to their shows every season. This shirt is from the spring line but I will still be obsessing over this come fall. I love the cut and the graphic lines.

3. Chanel Le Vernis Alchimie – From the Fall 2013 “Superstition” collection, it’s like a precious metal melted onto your fingertips.

4. Chanel “Mystere” Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette – Beautiful shadow colors and everything you need to take you from a pretty day look to a dramatic evening eye all in one little compact!

5. Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle – This may be the best jewelry invention EVER. I can’t believe it has taken this long!!!

6. Tom Ford Black Orchid Lipstick – I don’t think I ever leave the house without this luxurious shade of lippy.

7. Saint Laurent Star Cardigan – I would never want to take this off!

8. IOSSELLIANI Cheetah Head Earring – I love the idea of mismatching earrings and especially one really dramatic one – this is the perfect example.

9. Zoe Karssen Bat Tee – These t-shirts have a rock and roll edge but are so soft they are a dream to wear plus I get to keep alive my not-so secret goth side!

10. Maje Babbette Boot – This will probably be my go to boot this fall – they just look good with everything!

11. Byredo Oud Immortel – I am in love with everything about this perfume line. Ben Gorham, the creator, is probably one of my biggest crushes right now! Such beautiful packaging and incredible fragrances. I love wearing Seven Veils (another scent from Byredo) in the summer, but when the leaves start to turn and that first chill is in the air, I can’t wait to break out this fragrance.

12. Unearthen Pyramid Watch – I love everything Unearthen does and these watches are one of my favorite items from the line. I love that every one is unique.

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