Sunday Morning


I’ve been working on the house a bit this week. I’ve got the fever! I want to do more! Our house has come a long way since we moved in about three and a half years ago. I’m still constantly on the lookout for design inspiration. This morning, I’m clicking around for interior design ideas, and looking for some interesting ways to make my deck into a comfortable, beautiful and interesting space. It’s currently empty, which is very minimalist, don’t you think? A good starting point, anyway. If you follow me on Pinterest, you can see I’ve been obsessing over cabin style and starting to check out some deck ideas. Now that fall is here, I really want to sit out there!

So, pull up a coffee and come a-clickin’ with me.

My Scandinavian HomeI can never go wrong with My Scandinavian Home. This Londoner lives in Sweden, and shares design ideas and images of homes that make my heart do flips. Lots and lots of white, a bit of black, unbelievable furnishings, and light fixtures that make me tear up a bit. I’m so sensitive!

Rachel KhooI mentioned last Friday that I was working my way through Rachel Khoo’s The Little Paris Kitchen. I just find her so charming! I’m spending a little time on her blog this morning. It’s got loads of new recipes to try, and cute little photos and stories. If she can do everything she does in her tiny Paris kitchen, I can probably stop complaining about the lack of space in my own kitchen. Probably. (unlikely)

PeppermagsFor more homespo this morning, I’m heading over to Peppermags. Jackie runs this inspiring blog, which features art, architecture, design and more. She’s a pretty busy gal! An interior designer with an outstanding architectural firm, a rock n’ roll badass, has her own radio show, and is generally super busy and chronically awesome. Peppermags is chock full of brilliant ideas, and there are years of archives to wander through.

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