Sunday… Afternoon


This morning I skipped my morning routine (and my coffee – big mistake) to go with my little brother and look at an apartment. He is faced with the certainly less-than-enviable task of finding a new place to live, which is no fun in any city, but is definitely a pain in Vancouver. I went along to give my sisterly advice… not that he isn’t a grown man who can make his own decisions. Okay, okay, I’m just nosy! We looked at a beautiful apartment in a well-maintained mid-century building out near us. It’s right by the beach, with an outstanding view of the water, and the smell of the sea air is magnificent. I pity him the commute into the city, but to me, when you find the right place, everything else just works itself out. Home is everything.

Now it’s Sunday afternoon, and time for a rest. Advil, caffeine, and pretty pictures.

Cannelle et VanilleI’ve been reading Aran Goyoaga’s blog, Cannelle et Vanille since it was quite young, and it’s always a pleasure. Her recipes are innovative and delicious, her photographs are always beautifully styled, and the tales of her Basque upbringing are inspiring and heart-warming. I have her book, Small Plates, Sweet Treats, and it is just as delightful as her blog!

Ace CampsI never went to camp when I was a kid. I joined Brownies for two years because I was convinced it was the only way I was going to get to go camping. Well, I earned my badges, then I quit after two years because we didn’t even pitch a tent. Humph! Even at the age of 7, I was not interested in having my time wasted. I have needs! If these needs aren’t met, I’m outta there! So imagine my excitement when I read about experiences like the ones that Ace Camps offer. This totally beats cooking beans in the can and peeing behind trees. Travel, learn something, experience a new culture, gain a skill and make new friends from all over the world! I’ve got my eye on the Ace Camps website, waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along… and then it’s on!

Solid FrogIt wouldn’t be Sunday internet cruising without a design blog to drool over… and today, I’m so tired that I might literally be drooling (ha!). Mia Linnman’s Solid Frog blog captures inspiring images of some of my favourite things: design, architecture, art, fashion. She has a good eye, and shares such a wonderful mix of styles. You never know what might show up next on Solid Frog, but it’s always something beautiful.

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