Sunday Morning


London Fashion WeekIt’s early. I need some time today to catch up on the past week. I’ve been getting snippets of London Fashion Week via Instagram, (J.W. Anderson, good gracious!) but it’s not enough. Straight to the source I go! I can’t wait to catch up on all the shows I’ve been missing, and I love that you can search by designer and view past collections. I love the shows… it reminds me of dancing. You work your self silly, put in countless hours, and in the end, everything is riding on this one short moment in time. Ahhh!

Bo-lagetYes, I’m still obsessing over interiors. My spoken Swedish is ok, but I can’t read or write very well, (kind of like my English, ha!) but I can certainly look at the pretty pictures on  and be inspired. Inspired into a jealous fit, that is. Wait until you get to the section of the website where there are homes for sale. It makes my heart do things that hearts aren’t supposed to do, like jump out of my chest. Everything white, clean, simple. Flowers, furs, painted wood floors. Wooden beams. Don’t get me started on the appliance lust.

Thug KitchenIf you are offended by cussing, then you won’t get as much of a kick out of Thug Kitchen as I do. If you have ever worked in a restaurant kitchen, this style of speaking will sound perfectly normal to you, and you may find it strangely comforting. I find myself in hysterics reading through the recipes because they are positively hilarious. I mean, the recipes are great, the food looks fantastic, but the text unfolds in my mind in the voice of Jesse Pinkman, (Breaking Bad tonight!) which makes the experience that much more enjoyable. Really, anyone that refers to an eggplant as a “Grimace-looking son of a bitch” has my ear. I have a thing about Grimace, but that’s probably a story for another time. Have a great week!

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