Sunday Morning


Sunday Morning - 29-Sept-2013 - Fox and RookDo you know what’s on my mind this morning? Ballet, bathing in hot springs and cheese. I’m such a Taurus. Not that any self-respecting Taurus would believe in such nonsense, no! Truth is, I’m just marvelously excited for ballet class, rather in need of a wee getaway, and quite excited to make some cheese.

Repetto means so much to me… Paris, French Ballerinas, Brigitte Bardot, Serge Gainsbourg… quite a roster. Now that I’ve thrown myself back into dancing, I thought I’d check out their shop online, and see what’s new. I wear my Zizi’s all the time, and I love their shoes. Now I’m looking at the Fall/Winter ready-to-wear collection and wondering how I might find a way to have this dress shipped to me, along with a whole lot of dance wear.

There are a few hundred places in the world that I’d like to visit, but near the very top of the list is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. The colder it gets each day, the more I dream of soaking my weary bones in the healing waters of the lagoon. When I’m done bathing, I wouldn’t mind indulging one of the many luxurious treatments available at the spa. I think I’ll mull over this website for awhile and do some positive visualization. If I picture myself there, it might just happen!

I recently ordered a cheese-making kit from Urban Cheesecraft. I’m going to make the cheese this week, and I’m rather excited! I haven’t even made my first batch yet, and I’m already back on their website, looking for more of their amazing kits. If you’ve ever had a hankering to make your own cheese, check them out. They make it sound so easy. There are loads of ideas, recipes and tips on their website. If this is anything like bread making, I’m sure I’ll be hooked in no time.

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