Sunday Morning


Fox and Rook Sunday Mornings October 6, 2013It occurred to me this week that Thanksgiving is next weekend. Yes, up here in the Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. I was kind of surprised that it snuck up so quickly. Thankfully, (ha!) my Sunday morning cruise down the information superhighway has been a boon of holiday recipe inspiration.

Martha Stewart is like the imaginary friend who’s always there to provide you with good ideas. There’s nothing crazy going on at Martha’s, just solid ideas that are time-tested and true. There’s an entire segment there devoted to Thanksgiving. Recipes, drinks, entire menus… how many ways can you carve a turkey? Martha knows. Martha always knows.

I’ve been eyeing Urban Brewery’s beer making kits. I’ve never made beer, but I’ve had some gnarly experiences of drinking other people’s home brew. Blech. I want to give it a whirl, but I’m wary. Urban Brewery makes it look easy, and drinkable! Obviously, I’m not going to get this made in time for Thanksgiving, but it’s got me thinking about it for Christmas! Their home brewing kits would also make great holiday gifts. Hmmm!

The Fresh Loaf is where I go to commune with the bread people. I am rather fond of baking bread. Everything from the weighing and autolyse-ing, to the knead and folding. My favourite part is the eating, of course. Today I’m checking out The Fresh Loaf for new bread baking ideas, and something lovely to bake for Thanksgiving. If you’re new to baking bread, but want to try it, check this website out. There are lessons! The forums are incredibly helpful, and the people are delightful. I’ll just warn you, it can become something of an obsession.

I actually got up extra early today, and went out looking for pretty things with which to make an autumn wreath. Little B and I wrestled with branches and corn husks this morning, and made a pretty wreath and a centerpiece for the table. It’s so wonderful to celebrate the changing of the seasons. The hot toddies made with pumpkin spice whiskey don’t hurt either. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

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