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Forest Friends Book ClubThis past week, we have been reading through chapter 60 of Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments. Merciful heavens, it was not easy to stop myself. I know some people (cough cough) couldn’t control themselves… and I don’t blame them!

rainbow-rowell-attachments-2The characters really fleshed out in the past 30 chapters. I was sort of ambivalent about Lincoln at the beginning of the tale, but now that I’ve spent more time getting to know him, I’m quite charmed. I think I had him pegged as a little bit of deadbeat in the beginning, and now I don’t feel that way. He’s obviously very sensitive, thoughtful and kind. The way he shares his meals with sweet old Doris, avoids the conflict between his mother and sister, and bestows love upon his nephews and friends, are all indicative of a tender soul with a big heart. Oh, that woeful story of him being dumped by Sam. Poor little bird.

In this section of the book, I found myself rooting for Beth and Lincoln. My heart was getting a little bit squooshy as I started to realize that they were falling for each other, in the most abstract and awkward way possible. I mean, now we know that he has been reading her e-mail, and she has been kind of stalking him, and they are totally smitten with each other.

Now, I don’t know if you will agree with me here, but I disagree with what Christine advised Lincoln to do in his situation. If you recall, her advice was to stop reading the e-mails between Beth and Jennifer, stop walking by Beth’s desk, and to tell her everything… right down to him going to Chris’ shows. Whoa, lady! Look, if Lincoln didn’t already have a crush on Beth, all we’d have is a guy whose job requires him to read the flagged e-mail. Certainly, his infatuation changes things, but imagine they chat one day, and things blossom and become serious. Isn’t that what they both ultimately want and need? Right now they are pretty much figments of each others’ imagination. Falling for someone you’ve never spoken to is easy. Forming a real relationship with someone is something quite different, and when two people get comfortable with each other, they aren’t the same people that they once imagined each other to be. None of the goofy stuff you did to put yourself in the other person’s way matters when you finally get to know each other. Does that make sense? I just really hope they have an opportunity to talk in the last third of the book.

I’m kind of glossing over the fact that Beth has a long-time boyfriend that she lives with. Chris is clearly married to his band. He might be prone to momentary whims of sweetness, but he seems rather apathetic towards Beth. I am wondering though if something else is afoot with him. There was so much talk in recent chapters of him being alone and withdrawn, I wonder if something isn’t about to happen with him. Anyhoo, I would really like to see Beth and Chris part ways.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll probably say it a thousand more times, but I love being obligated to read. I absolutely love cozying up with a book, and knowing that I simply have to set aside time for careful and thoughtful reading of a book is just fantastic! Three cheers for the Forest Friends Book Club!

So, what do you fellow readers think? Do you disagree with Christine’s advice? Do you think something weird is going on with Chris? Will Beth and Lincoln finally talk? Will Sam show up and be totally gross and give Lincoln closure? Will Jennifer name her baby something awful? (Side note: when I was pregnant with my daughter, I had the name Hermione on the list. For like, a couple of weeks. Hormones are powerful and can bring on brief periods of madness and poor judgement.)

This week we’re going to finish the book. See you Friday for the final reviews. As always, thank you so much to all who are participating!

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4 thoughts on “Forest Friends Book Club

    • Bwahahaha! I know… this is a safe place. ;)

      I was thinking about it the other day. I would feel so badly for her going into kindergarten, clearly named after a character from Harry Potter. Good thing we went with the lesser known Rupert Grint movies for namespo.

  1. I was one of those people who couldn’t stop reading… :*D (I think that means blushing….) I never thought that something was wrong with Chris, I think that he is just a music loner. But perhaps there are other reasons… I feel that he is using her, I mean she lets him stay at her house without paying rent.

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