Sunday Morning


Sunday Morning - Fox and RookGood morning! Oh, how I looked forward to a lie in this morning… too bad it didn’t happen. I’ve barely been at home all week. It has been a super busy past few days. Fox and Rook is undergoing an overhaul, both in the shop, and here in the blog. You may have noticed some subtle changes sneaking their way in. The blog will be changing over the next couple of weeks as I make room for new content, and merge my Friday and Sunday posts into one weekly roundup. I’m really excited about the changes we are making, and I hope you will enjoy the new content.

There’s much to do to prepare for the approaching holiday season. Big things are coming, and I’m so excited to share them with you. First and foremost, my vintage holiday dress collection will launch November 1st in the Fox and Rook shop. I’ve got quite a collection of gorgeous frocks that are perfect for all the soirées that will fast be filling up our calendars. Satin, brocade, tulle, sequins… all kinds of dreamy dresses. In fact, last night I donned a lovely 1940’s crepe dress to attend the Heart of Richmond AIDS Society fundraiser with some lovely lady friends. What a fabulous way to usher in the season… dinner, a drag show, and I won the above cat painting in the silent auction. Contain your jealousy!

My second bit of exciting news is that I will be taking Fox and Rook on the road a little bit. We’ll be popping up here and there, so you can come and say hi, try things on, and hang out! More details to come soon.

But wait, there’s more! This one is kind of a big deal, but it’s still early days, so I don’t want to get too excited. So here’s a hint: it’s going to take a lot of paper.

Much has transpired in the past 10 days. I owe my beloved Forest Friends Book Club homies an apology for my tardy post, but you shall see it today. I’m not peeking at anyone else’s until mine is up. Cup of tea. Grammar check. Go!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Enjoy!

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