Sunday Morning


Sunday Morning 27-Oct-2013I can’t believe we’re heading in to the last week of October! This coming week is a big one for me. Halloween is always fun and exciting, but it also marks ten years that my husband and I have been married. To each other! Ten years is a long time for someone to put up with me, and yet here we are. Seven different homes, many years of school, one international move, multiple hospital stays, one great recession, six dogs, two cats and one incredible and amazing daughter… a lot can happen in a decade, and I wouldn’t have gotten through any of it without him. Love you, Jonny B!

Here’s what has made me happy this past week, clockwise from top left:

Béla Bartók Violin Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 – Isabelle Faust // This has been the soundtrack of my week. When I had moments where I was dragging my feet or procrastinating, (meaning: moments when I was awake) I put this on and felt instantly energized and motivated. I think I’m going to need a dose of it today!

Gratitude Journal 365 // This awesome app was just what I needed to discover this week. It’s easy to moan and become disgruntled from time to time, but staying positive is easier when you reflect upon what you are truly grateful for. This app lets you take a photo, make notes, and focus on gratitude. You can then go back and view your photos and comments, as a quick reminder of how darn fortunate you really are. *photo from the iTunes store… my own calendar is far less exciting, but we’re getting there!

Fir Boughs // Around Thanksgiving, my daughter and I made a pretty fall wreath and a centrepiece with boughs of fir from the yard. The fragrance they emit is becoming stronger as they dry out, and it is magnificent!

Spicebox Pumpkin Spiced Whiskey // Normally, I’m a bit of a whiskey purist, but I saw this and I couldn’t resist. I must have known in my heart that it would be lovely. My hot toddies have reached a new level of scrumptiousness, and it’s not a bad sipper either.

Love Crunch Gingerbread Granola // Anyone who has known me for long enough knows that I am rather fond of gingerbread. It is a little known fact (purely scientific) that I may be descended of gingerbread people. This granola has the best gingerbread flavour. Rich molasses and the perfect balance of spices. A little almond milk, and mercy me! I don’t think I could ever get tired of it.

Émile Zola – Nana // Ages ago, I bought a lovely old hardback, featuring selected works of Émile Zola. Lourdes, the first in his Three Cities Trilogy, is one of my all-time, top of the pops, bestest ever favourite books, and I’ve gradually been adding more of his work to my collection. This week, being between book club books, I decided to dive in to Nana, so to speak. Hopefully I’ll have time to get somewhere with it this week as there’s so much going on!

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