Sunday Morning


Sunday Morning November 3, 2013 (mushroom photo from all the fun, festivity and fog behind us, it’s time to reflect upon the week.

The Cabin // My husband and I aren’t big on making a fuss when special occasions arise, but we did celebrate our 10th anniversary with a lovely lunch at the beach while the little miss was at school. The Cabin is a lovely spot, with a menu that makes decision making rather difficult. I had their Seafood Cioppino Hotpot, which is ridiculously good and chock full of delicious local seafood. Honestly, just having a couple of hours together to sit and hang out was such a gift!

Acne Paper #15 // I’ve been trying to get my hands on this all week. Look who’s inside! My beloved Isabelle Huppert looks stunning, and it’s always such a treat to look at the Acne Paper. Add to my dream jobs list.

Panhandle Slim Art // When I woke up on anniversary day, these guys were waiting for me by the fireplace. My husband has commissioned a number of paintings for me from our dear friend Panhandle Slim. We have Marcello Mastroianni and Yves Saint Laurent hanging in the living room, and now we have two new friends: Alexander and Mads. Wheee! *blush*

Chanterelle Mushrooms // It’s chanterelle season, and yet I still have yet to find any out in the wild. A couple of years ago, my fungus foraging friends and I hit the jackpot with these beautiful mushrooms, but so far, no luck. I ended up buying some, probably from the jerk who picked the ones in our spot. I made cabbage rolls with walnut, chanterelle and rice filling. Turns out I’m the only person that likes cabbage rolls in this house, so my lunches are made for the next few days.

Forest Swords – Dagger Paths // Most of the past week was spent in the throes of the worst headache I’ve had since who knows when, so when I was finally ready to hear things again, I wanted music that wouldn’t be too in my face. Surprisingly, I felt like listening to Forest Swords. Sometimes Dagger Paths is just the thing. Moody, sombre, textural and singular. It helped bring my poor head gently back into the land of the living.

Stella McCartney Eyewear // Mama needs new glasses. I ran out of contact lenses this week, and I don’t love my current specs. I’ve been eyeballing (no pun intended) the latest in Stella McCartney eyewear, and I’m really rather fond of these frames. I think it’s time to move away from black and into a tortoise frame. Winter is coming, and I’m only going to become more pale. The black can be a bit jarring on me. I love the shape of these Stella frames, and I’m delighted that they are sustainably produced.

Here’s to a healthy and happy November for all!

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