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Forest Friends Book ClubYou know those times when you things don’t go as planned and it’s totally not your fault? I don’t. Normally, when things go wrong, it’s because I have made a major oversight. This time, I am innocent! For once!

I ordered our lovely new read from my local, independently owned bookstore, because they are a rare breed, and I love and support them. The book was to arrive for me to pick up before Halloween. It didn’t make it. Then it was maybe going to be there on November 1st. It didn’t make it. Suddenly, it’s Friday the 8th, and I’m supposed to have already read the first 130 pages. I call to see if my book is in yet, hoping I can chill out and read and then write in a frenzy as I process all that I have read. Someone in the know is there, and tells me that You Are Not Like Other Mothers is currently taking 14 days to arrive. Information that could have been profoundly useful 12 days ago. Thus, dear friends, I am super behind in my reading. I went in a panic to several different bookstores, big box, chains and all, no one had it. I have now ordered it from Amazon with super fast shipping, which I should have done from the beginning.

So, I’m not reading anyone else’s post posts until I’m caught up. I am very much looking forward to all of it… buy no peeking!

Meanwhile, for sake of discussion, I was wondering which other writers you have enjoyed that explore the relationships between mothers and daughters. It’s a theme I like to read about. I suppose, having a daughter, and being a daughter to my mum, it’s fascinating to me to see how that dynamic plays out for others, and how writers explore the many factors that can influence this relationship. I have read a few of Amy Tan’s books, and I find her insight into mother and daughter relationships to be quite astounding. Do you have any books or films that have really focused on a mother-daughter relationship, in a way that really engaged you?


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