Love it // Røros Tweed Blankets


Røros Tweed BlanketsI’ve built something of a reputation, among those that know me, as a blanket person. I have a somewhat absurd collection of throws, coverlets and comforters. Heaven forbid anyone in this house should not be cozy and warm! Next on my to cuddle in until spring comes again list, are these beautiful blankets from Røros Tweed.

The history of Røros Tweed is both fascinating and heartwarming, you must read it! For decades, their blankets and pillows have been produced in Norway, from the sheep that graze in the mountains, to the artisans that craft their magnificent products.

I love the soft, geometric forms on the Lynild blanket. My heart is always drawn to grey, and I would have no trouble getting cozy under the Myrull or Skog blankets. We’ve been thinking about redesigning our bedroom in the new year, and I think I can safely say that Røros Tweed blankets will be part of the plan. The hard part will be choosing one. Or two.


2 thoughts on “Love it // Røros Tweed Blankets

    • Oh, I adore those blanket coats! Sometimes I think I ought to just run about wrapped up in blankets. There are so many ways to wear them. Do you ever fancy just putting on a giant blanket and a belt? With the right belt, anything is possible. ;)

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