Love it // Plümo Woodland Socks


Plümo Woodland SocksSeveral years ago, I made a deal with myself that I would stop wearing whimsical socks. I’m not even sure how things got to a point where a self-intervention was needed, but it was getting a little bit embarrassing. I had all kinds of exciting (read: totally lame) socks. Socks with cats, unicorns, gingerbread men… Harry Potter socks, rainbow stripes, and socks with bobbles on the ankles. I’m actually blushing as I type this. Nightmare on Sock Street!

So for many years now, I’ve relegated myself to the plain and simple sock set up. Everything matches, it’s simple, it’s minimalist… ahhh. In fact, this has been my way of life for so long, that I almost forgot about my humiliating past! It wasn’t until I stumbled across these cute Woodland Socks from Plümo, that I unleashed some sort of inner fun-sock-lust that has been buried for nearly a decade.

But… but… these are practical socks! They’re wool, which is perfect because my poor little feet are always freezing. Oh, and another thing, they have foxes and crows on them, and a crow is almost a rook. Everyone knows you need to have whimsical socks that match your business name. It’s simply how it’s done! Isn’t it? Besides, I’m just going to wear them around the house, and inside my wellies.

You see? I can justify wearing them on so many levels. Whew. That was close though.


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