Love it // Coloured Pencils with Brass Holder


Coloured Pencils with Brass HolderI am forever buying myself coloured pencils. I make loud declarations of ownership. I declare war on any who will “borrow” my pencils without asking first. I leave no doubt that using my coloured pencils without my expressed permission, will result in horrific consequences. And yet, I’ve only managed to keep a full set in working order for about a week.


So, when my artsy, pencil-stealing, property-disrespecting commie of a kid learns to leave my stuff alone, I’d love to have this beautiful brass holder filled with colourful pencils. How it gleams! How it glistens! All pencils intact and fully sharpened. No gaps, where the pink and purple pencils are missing (the first sign that someone’s been nicking my pencils) and no pipe cleaners or other miscellaneous craft supplies jammed in there. That, my friends, is a dream for me. I don’t ask for much, really.


8 thoughts on “Love it // Coloured Pencils with Brass Holder

  1. Rachel G

    So pretty!! Yeah, my ideal colored pencils are always perfectly sharpened and displayed too…but it doesn’t seem likely to ever be a reality.

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