Love it // Thymes Bitter Orange & Cedar Candle


Bitter-Orange-and-Cedar-Candle-0950530607-470I just popped in to Indigo to pick up a gift for the kiddo, and I thought I’d better check the candle department to see what might be on sale. They often have Voluspa at 30% off, so I figured no harm in looking. I was in luck, so I picked up the Clove Pomander and Ponderosa candles. So Christmassy! I was almost safely out of there with only two candles, when what to my wandering eye should appear, but the Thymes Bitter Orange and Cedar candle!

I’ve blathered on about my obsession with orange blossom before, so I’ll spare you… but this candle has such a wonderful balance of bitter orange, warm cedar, light musk, and other subtle oriental notes. While some cedar and spice fragrances only seem appropriate during the holidays, I would definitely burn this beauty all year. It’s more about the orange, with the cedar warming that bitter note and enveloping it in sweet, woodsy, white musk. Just gorgeous.

I had quite a moment, standing there with a Furby in one hand and this candle in the other. I think I even closed my eyes for a moment. I hope I didn’t vocalize. Oh dear. I shouldn’t be allowed to go smelling things before I’ve been fully caffeinated. I tend to embarrass myself.

By the way…. it’s snowing!!


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