Love it // Stendig Calendar


Stendig CalendarI’m one of those people who always thinks it’s Wednesday when it’s only Tuesday. I often think a week has passed, when really it’s been a month. I’m not totally stupid, so I think the problem lies in the fact that I don’t have an enormous calendar to consult each day. The Stendig Calendar is an annual favourite, and sells out quite quickly. Though, it appears that its rising popularity has allowed for it to become more readily available. Good news for those of us who have an enormous wall space to fill.

I love the simple black and white. At 3 x 4 feet, it’s absolutely massive. There’s no way I wouldn’t be able to tell you what day it is. The pages tear off neatly when you’re done, so you can use the sheets for wrapping paper, fun projects, a windshield shade, drawer liner, paper hat… or whatever other ridiculous ideas you can come up with.

It’s a calendar. It’s a work of art. It’s the Stendig!


3 thoughts on “Love it // Stendig Calendar

  1. Rachel G

    When you mentioned having trouble keeping up with what day it is, I laughed because just yesterday, my husband asked me “Is it Wednesday?” and then later in the day “It’s Tuesday today, right?” It was Friday yesterday, by the way! :) I’ve never heard of this brand/kind of calendar but it does look pretty cool!

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