Love it // Cape Dorset Prints


Dorset Fine ArtsThe other day, we did a family trip to see Santa, and on our way through the mall we had to pass the calendar nightmare. You know those enormous kiosks they set up with calendars for the coming year? I avoid them like the plague, lest I get suckered into staring at pictures of Downton Abbey or Welsh Terriers** for the next 12 months.

Well, I did my best to avert my gaze, but there was this calendar on the top shelf that caught my eye. The designs were really beautiful, and the story behind the artists was so fascinating:

About 1,200 miles north of Toronto, the community of Cape Dorset is home to a multigenerational community of gifted graphic artists. Their cooperatively owned printmaking studios have been in continuous operation since 1959, producing unique, captivating, and powerful images. Twelve of these exciting Inuit prints adorn this calendar’s colorful pages. – From the calendar’s description.

And so began my new found fascination with the Cape Dorset art co-op, and their stunning works. There are many sources online that can guide you through the history of this remote and beautiful place. I am about to get into it myself. Bright moon, cup of tea… time to cozy up and read.


**Just to be clear, I absolutely love Downton Abbey and Welsh Terriers. I just don’t want their calendars. You know I want this one!


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