Love it // Louise Roe Copper Tea Light Holder


Photo courtesy of Press LoftTwo things I’m good at: lighting things on fire and finding pretty trinkets and baubles. Highly appropriate then, that I should stumble across these beautiful candle holders. I’ve been fancying them everywhere in the house. The all white bathroom… the bedside tables… on the deck this summer… how many is too many?

I’ll admit, historically, I’ve been adverse to tea light holders. When I think of tea lights, I am whisked back in time to that first basement apartment in the summer of 1997. The roommate who played Sarah McLachlan and Portishead songs all the time, the dot matrix printer (which was archaic even then) that ruined all my university papers, the ubiquitous ugly tea light holders… not good memories. And yet, here I find myself falling in love with Louise Roe’s copper tea light holders. It’s like I have a new lease on life!

I love modern designs made in classic, old world materials. The way I decorate my home, the clothes in my closet, everything is a juxtaposition between the old and the new. I love vintage, and yet I’m so attracted to the sleek and new. These candle holders satisfy both of those leanings. For those of you who prefer a cooler tone, they have a gunmetal version too. Simply gorgeous!

Available at Skandivis


Love it // Mika Tolvanen Restore Basket


Phot from muuto.comJanuary is a weird month. After all the madness and excitement of December, the new year always feels strange, empty, yet full of promise. I’ve been doing Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, a manageable program for getting the year off to a good start with a clean, un-cluttered home. It feels so wonderful to get things in order. The house is extra clean, seems to stay tidy, and I might finally get around the replacing that baseboards that I tore off last April.

Now that I’m halfway through the Cure, I realize that we could really use more ways to store things in an organized way. I have been rather ruthless in getting rid of things that merely take up space, but the bedrooms, the bathroom and especially the living room are in need of functional yet attractive storage.

Enter: Mika Tolvanen’s Restore Basket. It’s polymer felt, made from recycled PET bottles. It’s got a lovely form, and it comes in many colours. I think these would be perfect for housing things like books, my pile of sewing, slippers, blankets… I could go on! The baskets are so attractive in their own right, they look great without being intrusive. Visit Muuto for a vendor near you.

Photo from

Love it // Stendig Calendar


Stendig CalendarI’m one of those people who always thinks it’s Wednesday when it’s only Tuesday. I often think a week has passed, when really it’s been a month. I’m not totally stupid, so I think the problem lies in the fact that I don’t have an enormous calendar to consult each day. The Stendig Calendar is an annual favourite, and sells out quite quickly. Though, it appears that its rising popularity has allowed for it to become more readily available. Good news for those of us who have an enormous wall space to fill.

I love the simple black and white. At 3 x 4 feet, it’s absolutely massive. There’s no way I wouldn’t be able to tell you what day it is. The pages tear off neatly when you’re done, so you can use the sheets for wrapping paper, fun projects, a windshield shade, drawer liner, paper hat… or whatever other ridiculous ideas you can come up with.

It’s a calendar. It’s a work of art. It’s the Stendig!

Love it // Thymes Bitter Orange & Cedar Candle


Bitter-Orange-and-Cedar-Candle-0950530607-470I just popped in to Indigo to pick up a gift for the kiddo, and I thought I’d better check the candle department to see what might be on sale. They often have Voluspa at 30% off, so I figured no harm in looking. I was in luck, so I picked up the Clove Pomander and Ponderosa candles. So Christmassy! I was almost safely out of there with only two candles, when what to my wandering eye should appear, but the Thymes Bitter Orange and Cedar candle!

I’ve blathered on about my obsession with orange blossom before, so I’ll spare you… but this candle has such a wonderful balance of bitter orange, warm cedar, light musk, and other subtle oriental notes. While some cedar and spice fragrances only seem appropriate during the holidays, I would definitely burn this beauty all year. It’s more about the orange, with the cedar warming that bitter note and enveloping it in sweet, woodsy, white musk. Just gorgeous.

I had quite a moment, standing there with a Furby in one hand and this candle in the other. I think I even closed my eyes for a moment. I hope I didn’t vocalize. Oh dear. I shouldn’t be allowed to go smelling things before I’ve been fully caffeinated. I tend to embarrass myself.

By the way…. it’s snowing!!

Love it // Coloured Pencils with Brass Holder


Coloured Pencils with Brass HolderI am forever buying myself coloured pencils. I make loud declarations of ownership. I declare war on any who will “borrow” my pencils without asking first. I leave no doubt that using my coloured pencils without my expressed permission, will result in horrific consequences. And yet, I’ve only managed to keep a full set in working order for about a week.


So, when my artsy, pencil-stealing, property-disrespecting commie of a kid learns to leave my stuff alone, I’d love to have this beautiful brass holder filled with colourful pencils. How it gleams! How it glistens! All pencils intact and fully sharpened. No gaps, where the pink and purple pencils are missing (the first sign that someone’s been nicking my pencils) and no pipe cleaners or other miscellaneous craft supplies jammed in there. That, my friends, is a dream for me. I don’t ask for much, really.

Love it // Huebscher Woodworks Spalted Tiger Maple Spatula


Huebscher WoodworksLast week, I was swooning over these wooden spoons, and now I’ve stumbled across some more gorgeous wooden utensils worth trying to get your hands on. This beautiful spatula is handmade in Chattanooga, TN, from reclaimed Spalted Tiger Maple. I love its rustic charm, and the perfectly stunning grain of the wood. There are other pieces by Huebscher Woodworks available through Sweet Gum Co., each of them rare and special. Wouldn’t this make a wonderful holiday gift for (me) someone who loves quality handmade goods and has a love for cooking? Speaking of which, dinner is ready!

Love it // Arabia Moomin Adventure Move Collection


Arabia Moomin Adventure Move CollectionI’m an avid collector of Arabia Finland, and the Moomin pieces are just so lovely! Our winter evenings are made that much cozier by having hot chocolate and steamed milk in our favourite Moomin mugs. This year, I think I might treat myself to some pieces from the Adventure-Move collection. I absolutely adore this pitcher. Sweet Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden, with my beloved Little My on the other side, looking cross as ever. The entire collection is adorable. If only I got a Christmas bonus, I’d snap up each and every piece right now!