Wear it // For Little Ladies


Wear it // For Little LadiesMy five year old, who is currently wearing multi-coloured leggings, a plaid skirt, a strawberry-print pajama shirt and mis-matched socks, helped me choose these charming pieces. It’s funny, because for a short spell, I really tried to get her to dress properly. You know, in seasonally appropriate, colour coordinated clothing. It didn’t take me long to realize that she is happier wearing what she likes, and if she’s happy, I’m happy.

Occasionally, I let out a wistful sigh when I see B’s little friends, neatly attired in hip-kid outfits, chic hair accessories and darling shoes. But really, if my kid wants to have hair like Ponyo’s dad, so be it. If she wants to tie scarves around her waist and pull her socks over her leggings, that’s okay too. She’s doing her own thing, and I hope she always does.

My kid loves fashion, and despite what it might look like, she is quite picky about her clothing. Her quirky ensembles are part of her magnificent character, and I certainly wouldn’t want to change that. These little ones only get to be kids for so long. Let them dress up and have fun while they still want to.

I am quite proud of little B’s curatorial assistance with the above selections. I really love Italian children’s wear designers Babe & Tess, and what’s not to love about the children’s lines done by two of my grown-up favourites: Chloé and Isabel Marant. My little one was particularly enamoured of the Scotch & Soda beaded collar, and the Zara boots, but made it very clear that she would like to ask for all of these items for Christmas. Good luck, kiddo.

Clockwise from top left:

Scotch & Soda // Wooden Beaded Collar Necklace

Oeuf NYC // Wild Thing Crown

Chloé // Biscuit Knitted Scarf

Isabel Marant // Pop Bracelet

Zara // Leather Ankle Boots

Babe & Tess // Sleeveless Fur Style Cardigan

Caramel Baby & Child // Tyne Dress