Fall is Coming


Fall at Fox and Rook

Summer may be in full swing, but Fall is coming. In fact, it’s already making its way into the shop. Long sleeves, maxi dresses, warm coats, and of course… some party dresses, just in case! It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday dresses. ;)

Things are looking a little bit bare right now, but I have so much more to list over the coming weeks. Whee!



Vintage Style: This Week’s Picks


I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for beautiful holiday dresses. I’ve been collecting them for months, but as the party season draws near, I’m really trying to find as many fabulous dresses as I can get my hands on. My holiday dress collection is only days away from launching (!!!)… meanwhile, I’ve got many amazing frocks for sale right now. My picks of the week include two stunning lace dresses that could poshed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion. I’ve also chosen a beautiful wool coat that is perfectly on trend for fall, with a plaid in rich autumnal shades. Check out my shop for all of my latest vintage finds.

Fox and Rook Vintage Plaid Coat Fox and Rook Vintage Green Lace Dress Fox and Rook Vintage Cream Lace Dress


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Sunday Morning


Fox and Rook Sunday Mornings October 6, 2013It occurred to me this week that Thanksgiving is next weekend. Yes, up here in the Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. I was kind of surprised that it snuck up so quickly. Thankfully, (ha!) my Sunday morning cruise down the information superhighway has been a boon of holiday recipe inspiration.

Martha Stewart is like the imaginary friend who’s always there to provide you with good ideas. There’s nothing crazy going on at Martha’s, just solid ideas that are time-tested and true. There’s an entire segment there devoted to Thanksgiving. Recipes, drinks, entire menus… how many ways can you carve a turkey? Martha knows. Martha always knows.

I’ve been eyeing Urban Brewery’s beer making kits. I’ve never made beer, but I’ve had some gnarly experiences of drinking other people’s home brew. Blech. I want to give it a whirl, but I’m wary. Urban Brewery makes it look easy, and drinkable! Obviously, I’m not going to get this made in time for Thanksgiving, but it’s got me thinking about it for Christmas! Their home brewing kits would also make great holiday gifts. Hmmm!

The Fresh Loaf is where I go to commune with the bread people. I am rather fond of baking bread. Everything from the weighing and autolyse-ing, to the knead and folding. My favourite part is the eating, of course. Today I’m checking out The Fresh Loaf for new bread baking ideas, and something lovely to bake for Thanksgiving. If you’re new to baking bread, but want to try it, check this website out. There are lessons! The forums are incredibly helpful, and the people are delightful. I’ll just warn you, it can become something of an obsession.

I actually got up extra early today, and went out looking for pretty things with which to make an autumn wreath. Little B and I wrestled with branches and corn husks this morning, and made a pretty wreath and a centerpiece for the table. It’s so wonderful to celebrate the changing of the seasons. The hot toddies made with pumpkin spice whiskey don’t hurt either. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

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Fox and Rook Fridays - 04 October 2013Clockwise from left:

Mmmmm… I am really enjoying this Orange Cardamom Soda Syrup from Organic Fair. I’m a bit mad about cardamom as it is, but mixed with the wonderful flavour of orange, it’s a pure delight. Just add this syrup to a glass of sparkling water, and you have your own custom made soda. Now to get my hands on some vanilla ice cream.

Fall is all about the mums, don’t you think? This week, I found two lovely flower baskets filled with chrysanthemums, and adorned with pansies, cabbage and succulents. One on each side of the front door, and I feel like the house is instantly transformed into a welcoming and cozy abode. Oh autumn, how I love thee.

I found this week to be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes there’s so much to do, and not enough time. On Wednesday I had so much driving to do, I basically put the iPod on to Charles Trénet, and let it work its way through the “C” artists. What a treat, I had forgotten about this delightful album by Chiara Mastroianni and Benjamin Biolay. Home is so laid back, so chic, so French… I felt instantly soothed and relaxed by Mastroianni’s delicate whisper, and who doesn’t love the deep tones of Monsieur Biolay? Sadly, the two split up a year after this album was released. My goodness, she’s a beautiful one. I guess having Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni as parents, it would be hard to turn out any other way.

In my continuing efforts to make things fall-like and cozy at home, I broke out the Voluspa Baltic Amber candle this week. Oh, how I love the rich, faintly sweet and luxurious scent of amber. It’s rather a bit too heavy a fragrance for summer, but come grey skies and yellow leaves, amber is just right.

I feel like the instant that the weather cools down, I get dry lips. This goes on for roughly 10 months, and then over the summer, I forget that I ever had chapped lips. Suddenly, October hits and I’m clambering for a swipe of anything remotely moisturizing. This week I picked up Fable Naturals Orange and Vanilla Lip Balm. I love that they are a local company, use Fair Trade and organic ingredients, and look at the cute little tube! It’s like a push pop for your lips. The flavour is just like a creamsicle, which is precisely what I had hoped for. Most importantly, it has kept my lips happy.

I’ve sort of appropriated an October tradition from my dear friend Gregory. He always reads scary books during this month, and I’ve been taking after him for the past few years. I always kick things off with Henry James. The Turn of the Screw is the scariest book ever. Ever!! I remember the first time I read it. I lay awake afterwards, wondering if I might die, my heart was beating so fast. I still yelp out loud when I read it. I wonder which other spooky tomes I will cuddle up with before the month is over?

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Vintage Style: This Week’s Picks


Is it just me, or did it start to get cold quickly? My fingers are blue. Usually I can get to the middle of October without losing circulation in my extremities. I joked to my friend yesterday that I looked like an extra from The Killing. Season Three, no less. (Shudder to think!) I was so cold that I had thermals on under my clothes, and a little knit hat too! Ridiculous.

Thus, in the spirit of keeping warm, I give you my top three picks from my shop this week.

Vintage 1960s Abercrombie & Fitch Coat - Fox and RookVintage 1960s Black & White Wool Cape - Fox and RookVintage Gloverall Coat -Fox and Rook

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Vintage Style: Picks for Fall


Despite the 30+ degree (Celsius!) temperatures outside, I’m in full fall and winter mode. My workspace is covered in snuggly fur and wool accessories, and racks of coats and jackets await their turn in front of the camera. I starting pulling vintage coats months ago to get ready for the cooler months. It can be quite a bit of work getting these old beauties ready for sale, but it’s worth all the cleaning, mending and close inspections when you get to play with clothes all day. I’m so lucky!

Here are a few of the lovely fall/winter pieces that I’ve got in my shop right now, you can click them to get the details and see more photos. This is just the top of the tip of the iceberg, but I’ll be sharing more with you as I bring it in to the shop.

Vintage 60's Oatmeal Wool CoatVintage 60's Harris Tweed StetsonVintage 60's Black Wool Coat with Shearling CuffsVintage 80's Faux Fur HeadbandVintage 80's Boucle Boyfriend CoatVintage 60's Fur HatVintage 60's Purple Wool CapeWhat’s great about these pieces is their versatility. I tend to pick pieces that are well-made, beautiful, and not tooo trendy. Stylish, eye-catching, but not obtuse – that should be my mantra. I love mixing one-of-a-kind vintage pieces with modern clothing. It can look a little bit costume-y when people go head-to-toe vintage. It works for some people, but it ain’t me. Subtlety speaks volumes, non?

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5-September-2013I’ve been pretty quiet this week. It was our little girl’s first week of kindergarten. It’s hard for everyone to get used to new schedules and routines, but we’re getting there. Here’s what kept me sane this week.

Clockwise from top left:

The Fjällräven Mini Kånken backpack was the smartest thing we could have chosen for little B. It’s sturdy, water-proof, practical and looks great. The size is perfect for her. She chose the navy backpack, which I was both surprised and delighted at. (Yay, no pink!)

Camino Drinking Chocolate is so delicious, and really warms up your tummy on a wet, cold day. You know, the kind of days that we are condemned to for the next 8 months here in the Pacific Northwest. Organic, fair-trade, and scrumptious. You can’t beat that!

I love my Ilse Jacobsen rain boots. It’s rather unpleasant to live here without proper rain attire, especially for your feet. These boots are toasty and warm, snug-as-a-bug, and I love the way they look. Unlike some of the more popular rain boots which have been dialed-down in terms of quality and craftsmanship, these boots are really well made, and to my mind, worth every penny.

In the past week of back-to-school mayhem, the sweet notes of Erik Satie have kept the house calm. Even matching odd socks becomes pleasant and relaxing with Les Gnossiennes tinkling in the background.

To help usher in that fall feeling, I’ve been scenting the house with Cranberry for my Lampe Berger. It’s a warm, comforting scent. Sweet, without being sickly. We have two Lampes in the house, and frankly I would love one in each room. They clean the air, gently fragrance the space and are really quite lovely. Now that I’ve used up all my Cranberry scent, I’m excited to go and get some of the other fall-friendly fragrances. Ahhh… I love Lampe.

Check out my new Pinterest board called Friday Favourites, where I’m pinning these and other things that have made my week special!

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