Love it // Louise Roe Copper Tea Light Holder


Photo courtesy of Press LoftTwo things I’m good at: lighting things on fire and finding pretty trinkets and baubles. Highly appropriate then, that I should stumble across these beautiful candle holders. I’ve been fancying them everywhere in the house. The all white bathroom… the bedside tables… on the deck this summer… how many is too many?

I’ll admit, historically, I’ve been adverse to tea light holders. When I think of tea lights, I am whisked back in time to that first basement apartment in the summer of 1997. The roommate who played Sarah McLachlan and Portishead songs all the time, the dot matrix printer (which was archaic even then) that ruined all my university papers, the ubiquitous ugly tea light holders… not good memories. And yet, here I find myself falling in love with Louise Roe’s copper tea light holders. It’s like I have a new lease on life!

I love modern designs made in classic, old world materials. The way I decorate my home, the clothes in my closet, everything is a juxtaposition between the old and the new. I love vintage, and yet I’m so attracted to the sleek and new. These candle holders satisfy both of those leanings. For those of you who prefer a cooler tone, they have a gunmetal version too. Simply gorgeous!

Available at Skandivis


Take Me Home // Lund Apartment


lvardagsrum.jpg_Thumbnail3I spend a fair bit of time looking at real estate. It’s not like we’re in the market or anything, I just like to see what’s out there. And I do mean out there. I harbour wild dreams of uprooting the family and going to live somewhere else for a year or two. It’s definitely something we think about more and more, so it’s fun to go looking for places to live in the event that we take the plunge.

Needless to say, I stumble across some pretty wonderful homes. I’m not looking for brand new, luxurious pads, but for character, charm and light. I can’t tell you how often I bemoan the lack of interesting architecture, historical buildings and personality ’round these parts. There are exceptions of course, but they are rare.

When I find a place like this one in Lund, Sweden, I just have to share! So much natural light through all those windows. I love that they have meshed the old style with the new. The beautiful old kakelugnen make me swoon, and it’s always fun to play spot the Ikea to remind yourself that great style at home doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

lvardagsrum2.jpg_Thumbnail3 sallskapsrum.jpg_Thumbnail3I really like that wicker furniture, which surprises me… but I think it lends a natural and light-hearted air to the room, especially in combination with the whimsical Ikea Makros lamp and the stunning kakelugn.

kakelugn.jpg_Thumbnail3 lkok.jpg_Thumbnail3Why can’t my kitchen window come down so low? In fact, why can’t all of our windows be so large and grand? Here we are in one of the rainiest, greyest places in the world, you think that we’d want enormous windows to let any tiny ray of light in. I love the painted white floor in this kitchen, and the tiled walls would be so easy to keep clean. Imagine it!

lbad.jpg_Thumbnail3 utsiktenALT2.jpg_Thumbnail3 lbalkong3.jpg_Thumbnail3I can see it now! Breakfast out on the deck, surveying all the other amazing old buildings from my perch. Ahhhhh! Quite a contrast to the view I have now of the kid spitting at the bus stop. Sigh!

The best part? It’s for sale!

lkvall14.jpg_Thumbnail3All photos //

Love it // Stendig Calendar


Stendig CalendarI’m one of those people who always thinks it’s Wednesday when it’s only Tuesday. I often think a week has passed, when really it’s been a month. I’m not totally stupid, so I think the problem lies in the fact that I don’t have an enormous calendar to consult each day. The Stendig Calendar is an annual favourite, and sells out quite quickly. Though, it appears that its rising popularity has allowed for it to become more readily available. Good news for those of us who have an enormous wall space to fill.

I love the simple black and white. At 3 x 4 feet, it’s absolutely massive. There’s no way I wouldn’t be able to tell you what day it is. The pages tear off neatly when you’re done, so you can use the sheets for wrapping paper, fun projects, a windshield shade, drawer liner, paper hat… or whatever other ridiculous ideas you can come up with.

It’s a calendar. It’s a work of art. It’s the Stendig!

Love it // Hans Wegner Papa Chair


Hans Wegner Papa Chair ReproOne winter morning, we were driving up to meet some friends for breakfast, when dear husband spotted a chair at the end of someone’s driveway. He was really excited, and swore it was an Eames chair. So, we went around the block, pulled up slowly, and indeed it was an Eames replica lounge chair and ottoman. He proceeded to stuff the furniture into the trunk and the backseat. It was ragged, beaten, filthy, and had an inch of snow on it.

After a lovely breakfast, (which we were very late for) we went home, and he set straight to work on cleaning it up. It has been in the living room ever since.

I hate it.

First off, it’s totally falling apart and unsafe. No wonder the children at the window were laughing as we hauled it away from their house. Screws keep falling out. The wood is splitting. The upholstery has holes and tears.

Ah, the upholstery. It’s brown corduroy. It has a few worn spots, but none so unappealing as the large hole in the seat. I try to mask it by laying a sheepskin over the chair.

The rusted metal feet scratch my oak floors. It makes loud, rhythmic noises when you rock in it. Noises that remind me of a neighbour we used to have. Thin walls. Strong libido. Lots of free time, apparently.

But I digress! My husband loves his precious chair and I loathe it. I fear that my only recourse is to divorce him or replace the chair. Replacing the chair appears to be the more affordable option, but only by a pinch!

I think this reproduction of Hans Wegner’s Papa Chair might be the answer. I love the classic walnut wood paired with the dark upholstery… upholstery that isn’t corduroy. It’s comfortable and comes with an ottoman, surely there won’t be any complaints! It doesn’t take up 10 square meters of space, and it’s not an eyesore. In fact, the only sore spot is the price tag… but really, can you put a price on sanity? No!

Now, upon sharing my woes over The Brown Chair, as it has come to be known, many of my friends have reported similar struggles in their own homes. Do you or someone you love suffer from Brown Chair Syndrome? Talking about it makes it easier to cope, share your story in the comments!

Love it // Wind and Willow Home Wooden Spoon Set


Wind and Willow Home Wooden Spoon SetI love cooking with a wooden spoon, but I hate the way the wood feels on my hands. It’s similar to the aversion I have to popsicle sticks. Blech! I’m pretty sure I was scarred for life when I played clarinet in Grade 7 band, and had to suck on the reeds before playing. It just gave me the creeps, and it still does. Just thinking about it sets my teeth on edge!

Thank heavens for Wind and Willow Home, and their delightful wooden spoons with rubber dipped handles. Not only are they heebie-jeebie-proof, they are also very attractive to look at! The colour choices range from muted tones to bold neons. There are bowls, planters and serving boards, all in the same style. I am rather fond of the contrast between natural materials and bright, wild colours. These would make a lovely housewarming or hostess gift, non?