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The week before last, I popped into Ikea to look for stuff for my daughter’s 6th birthday party. It’s really hard for me to walk through the Marketplace without overdoing it. Have you seen those really cute Chinese New Year inspired dishes? Gah! Anyway, I have been desperate for a travel mug/flask forever. We have a number of plastic ones that my husband has collected over time, but I can’t stand drinking coffee out of a plastic cup. It ruins the taste, and it gives me the creeps. Ceramic mugs never keep my drinks warm long enough. I just have such struggles!

I spotted the Kullar flask immediately upon entering the mugs and flasks area. The colours are awesome. Kind of a robin’s egg/milk glass blue, with a nice red lid. For $9, I was willing to risk that it may not keep my drink warm long enough, because look at it! It looks like a perfectly preserved vintage flask, and it’s stainless steel inside. No plastic leeching weirdness.

When put to the test, the Kullar flask outdid itself.

I had tickets to see Ane Brun and Linnea Olsson last week. I was feeling under the weather, but there was no way I would miss the show!

At 5:30pm I chopped up some ginger and threw it into the flask with lemon juice and freshly boiled water, and put the lid on it. At 6:30, I left the house, got into the car, and tried to take a sip of my drink. Yowch! Too hot.

I got into Vancouver and decided to leave the flask in my car while we were at the show. After all, a cool ginger drink would be lovely on the drive home. I didn’t get back to my car until 1:30, and the drink was still hot. Piping hot!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. The Kullar flask from Ikea is not just a good looking vessel. It also keeps your beverage hot for upwards of eight hours. I would imagine it has the same power with cold drinks, but I have yet to test that. Maybe when the snow thaws.




16-August-2013Clockwise from top left:

This has been a pretty gnarly week. I’m feeling a little run-down, and in definite need of a little rest and relaxation. The Moths Are Real by Serafina Steer, is a beautiful record. A soothing balm for my tired soul. Ms. Steer has such a wonderful voice, and is there anything quite as lovely as the harp? This album sets my imagination alight, and calms me, all at once.

With all the chaos of the past week, I’ve been a bit neglectful of my frazzled hair. I normally use L’Oreal Mythic Oil in my hair on a daily basis, and I can really tell when I haven’t been using it. To make matters worse, it’s been super humid for the past couple of days, and I’m starting to look like a poodle! A day or two of my sweet Mythic Oil and my hair will be smooth and soft again.

I’ve been fighting a summer cold. I can feel my throat getting tingly, and I could quite easily sleep for a few days, given the chance. Enter: the ginger root! I made a simple syrup with ginger earlier this week, and have been taking it with cranberry juice, in tea, and yes, by the spoonful. Adding chopped fresh ginger to a cup of hot water and lemon is so yummy, energizing and good for your tummy. Now that the weekend is here, I’m going to be knocking back many a gingery hot toddy. If you have a favourite ginger remedy, I’d love to hear it. Seriously, I bought a few kilos of the stuff. Help me out.

I haven’t had any time for reading this week, but I started a really excellent book some weeks ago, and am looking to finish it off this weekend. The Last Viking by Stephen Bown, is the story of the life of Roald Amundsen, the world famous Norwegian explorer. Man, when you think you’ve had a rough couple of days, pick this book up. Amundsen explored some of the last unknown places in the world, and the tales of his expeditions are inspiring to say the least. Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut? Try being stuck on ship that’s frozen into the Antarctic ice for a couple of years. Sheesh! All kidding aside, I haven’t enjoyed a book this much in ages. Thoroughly researched and totally engaging… and I have learned a great deal! Win, win.

If I haven’t yet made it abundantly clear that I’m more of an autumn person, this should help make that point. I’ve been lighting Esteban‘s Figuier Tardif burning sticks, in an effort to make it feel more like fall. I know, summer is awesome, but I can’t help myself! The smoky fig fragrance is earthy and rich, the perfect scent to transition from late summer to precious fall! Ok, maybe I’m being a bit overzealous. At least I haven’t gotten into the firewood, pomander or pine scents yet. Feel free to intervene if I start singing Christmas carols before Halloween. One must draw the line somewhere.
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09-August-2013Clockwise from top:

I’m mad about the scent of orange blossom. Simply mad! Cire Trudon’s Odalisque candle is an intoxicating blend of citrus, orange blossom, juniper and vanilla. I’ve been indulging in this luxurious candle all week. I can’t get enough of the glorious fragrance.

I’ve been trying to embrace my curly, unmanageable mane. This week, I decided to bust out the Sally Hershberger Wave Spray, and let the madness ensue. I love the way it smells, and it let’s my hair do its crazy, wavy thing, while somehow keeping it from turning into a hot mess.

This week I finally picked up the latest album from The Knife – Shaking the Habitual. It’s their first studio album since Silent Shout came out in 2006. That record blew my mind, and now they’re doing it to me again. Mercy! I love that the philosophy behind this record spawned something of a performance collective. Digging this record, big time.

I just rediscovered this tea, and thank goodness I did. Rouge Provence by Sloane Tea Merchants, is a rooibos with fragrant florals, reminiscent of the South of France. I quite enjoy floral flavours, and am something of a rooibos nut, so this tea is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up!

Every night, my daughter and I make two cups of steamed milk with honey, snuggle up on the couch, and read a book together. Right now we are reading Comet in Moominland. It’s B’s favourite of Tove Jansson‘s beloved Moomin series. She loves the little animal Sniff, and quotes him constantly. In the story, a comet is coming to Moomin Valley. The young, naive Moomintroll, and his friends, Sniff and Snufkin, embark on a journey to the Lonely Mountains to visit an observatory and learn more about the comet. The adventures that follow are truly fantastic.  If you haven’t read a Moomin book, you are missing out on some profoundly magical storytelling. These books were written for kids, but with a respect for children’s hearts and minds, and a belief that children have the capacity to understand a higher level of thinking than we give them credit for. As an adult, I find so much to connect to in these stories. Simply brilliant.

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