Make it Work


Hello everyone! How have you been?

It has been a month with nary a word from me. Writing this blog is one of my favourite things, and yet I let it go for a while in order to catch my breath.

Every now and then, I get really tired. I mean, really tired. Sometimes it happens when I’ve been sick. Other times is happens when I’ve been through a stressful time. Occasionally it creeps up out of nowhere. Suddenly, I just feel compelled to rest a great deal. I can’t get enough sleep. All the usual solutions to fatigue, including exercise, supplements, hydration, healthier diet… they don’t help much. I just need to take it easy until my body is ready to get back to normal.

Of course, in the meantime, I don’t get as much work done. I don’t go out buying new stock for the shop. The housework falls behind. My relationships don’t get the attention they need. My devotion to creating delicious and healthful meals starts to slide. My personal projects fall by the wayside. Then I find myself sitting here, a month later, wondering how I’m going to catch up. The answer is always the same: one day at a time.

Those of you who struggle with chronic fatigue, depression, and other recurring, debilitating disorders might find this pattern quite familiar. It has taken me over a decade to accept myself the way I am, stop myself from overdoing it, and recognize when my energy is starting to wind down. I just have to step back a bit and do what I can.

That’s what I’ve been doing all month. Making it work, putting family first, and sleeping. Cough… a lot of sleeping.

All of that to say, sorry! I feel good, and I’m glad to be back at it. March is going to be totally awesome. Whee!

Much love,



A Merry Christmas from Fox and Rook



I’ve been taking the past week to spend time with my little family, and enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet before we open our new shop on the first of the year. I didn’t realize I was so exhausted until I stopped buzzing around like a madwoman. It feels so marvelous just to pause for a bit. I hope everyone is enjoying all the best of the season, in good health and happiness!

I’m looking forward to 2014 with great anticipation and excitement. I have big plans, bigger goals, even bigger dreams, and I am feeling really positive about all of it. It all starts tomorrow with a hair appointment. :)

Much love,


Love it // Plümo Woodland Socks


Plümo Woodland SocksSeveral years ago, I made a deal with myself that I would stop wearing whimsical socks. I’m not even sure how things got to a point where a self-intervention was needed, but it was getting a little bit embarrassing. I had all kinds of exciting (read: totally lame) socks. Socks with cats, unicorns, gingerbread men… Harry Potter socks, rainbow stripes, and socks with bobbles on the ankles. I’m actually blushing as I type this. Nightmare on Sock Street!

So for many years now, I’ve relegated myself to the plain and simple sock set up. Everything matches, it’s simple, it’s minimalist… ahhh. In fact, this has been my way of life for so long, that I almost forgot about my humiliating past! It wasn’t until I stumbled across these cute Woodland Socks from Plümo, that I unleashed some sort of inner fun-sock-lust that has been buried for nearly a decade.

But… but… these are practical socks! They’re wool, which is perfect because my poor little feet are always freezing. Oh, and another thing, they have foxes and crows on them, and a crow is almost a rook. Everyone knows you need to have whimsical socks that match your business name. It’s simply how it’s done! Isn’t it? Besides, I’m just going to wear them around the house, and inside my wellies.

You see? I can justify wearing them on so many levels. Whew. That was close though.

Cozy Days


Cozy DaysDecember is upon us, and the urge to hunker down and bundle up becomes stronger with each passing day. These lovely things are perfect to make your heart happy on a winter day. Cuddly faux furs, soft cashmere and mohair, and all the accoutrements of winter comfort.

Clockwise from top left:

Diptyque // Feu de Bois Candle

Indigo // Faux Fur Throw

Acne // Raya SH Mohair Dove White Knit

Club Monaco // Martine Hot Water Bottle

Pendleton // Grand Lodge Mug

Nils Frahm // Spaces

Smith’s // Minted Rose Lip Balm


Love it // Røros Tweed Blankets


Røros Tweed BlanketsI’ve built something of a reputation, among those that know me, as a blanket person. I have a somewhat absurd collection of throws, coverlets and comforters. Heaven forbid anyone in this house should not be cozy and warm! Next on my to cuddle in until spring comes again list, are these beautiful blankets from Røros Tweed.

The history of Røros Tweed is both fascinating and heartwarming, you must read it! For decades, their blankets and pillows have been produced in Norway, from the sheep that graze in the mountains, to the artisans that craft their magnificent products.

I love the soft, geometric forms on the Lynild blanket. My heart is always drawn to grey, and I would have no trouble getting cozy under the Myrull or Skog blankets. We’ve been thinking about redesigning our bedroom in the new year, and I think I can safely say that Røros Tweed blankets will be part of the plan. The hard part will be choosing one. Or two.

Love it // Caru Skincare Co. Chamomile Skin Rescue Kit


Caru Skin Care Co. Chamomile Skin Rescue Kit

Is there anyone out there whose skin doesn’t dry up when the temperature drops? As soon as winter hits, my face gets super tight. Not in a good, newly lasered sort of way. No. It’s more of a don’t make me smile or I will crack open and bleed to death kind of thing.

So, when I discovered Caru Skincare Co, I was rather joyful to find the Chamomile Skin Rescue Kit. Ahhh, the soothing balm that is anything chamomile. Jojoba oil is magical for dry skin, and just the thought of rubbing some on to my soon-to-be winter weary skin gives me hope for the next couple of months.

I’ll be honest. You could put hydrogen peroxide in this beautiful packaging and I’d probably put it on my dry face. I’m such a sucker for a pretty label. The soaps are wrapped in biodegradable handmade paper that is embedded with seeds. You can plant the label when you are done admiring it, and grow flowers out of it. Ingenious!

Love it // Björk & Berries White Forest Candle


Björk & Berries // White Forest Scented CandleThis time of year, I’m always on the prowl for scents that will set the winter mood. Björk & Berries White Forest Scented Candle is just the thing. Described on their website as a “sensual and melodramatic perfume of wood and fresh forest air“, this organic soy wax candle evokes visions of snow covered woods, the scents of birch and pine, crisp and fresh. Perfect for bringing a bit of the outside in, without having to vacuum up any pine needles. Win-win.